Cambridge International Diploma in Management – Higher Professional Level

A range of titles ideal for anyone wanting to broaden their understanding of management at middle or senior level, or those seeking to develop specific workplace management skills.

Resource Titles

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    Advanced Decision Making

    This title looks at decision making from the manager’s viewpoint and aims to help you to improve your decision making.

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    Customer Relations Management

    This title is about managing customer relations from an organisational perspective.

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    Financial Analysis

    This title looks at effective financial management of the organisation and the achievement of the organisation’s financial objectives.

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    Financial Management

    The aim of this title is to enable you to contribute to the financial management of your organisation. This contribution may take the form of the management of financial matters under your direct control, or it may take the form of contributing as a member of management teams responsible for the financial planning and strategic […]

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    Human Resource Planning

    This title helps managers understand their roles in giving training, advice and guidance in a HR context.

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    Information Systems Management

    This title is about what a business does and how it uses the information available to it to compete in fiercely competitive environments.

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    Management Skills

    This title will look at managing and conducting research and research methods.  We will also look at techniques for interpreting and simplifying data and how to effectively communicate information and write orderly and objective reports.  

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    Organisational Behaviour and Change Management

    The aim of this title is to examine the nature of organisational culture and structure, and their influence on the ability of the organisation to cope to this rapidly changing environment.

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    People Development

    This title will consider issues surrounding the training and development of employees.

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    Performance Management

    This title considers motivation and the role of the manager in motivating others to perform.

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    Strategic Management

    This title provides a range of strategic management tools to assist your thinking and analysis.

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    Strategic Marketing

    This title looks at marketing information systems, marketing research
    marketing communications and strategic marketing options and planning.