Strategic Management 2

 This title explores and identifies key strategies as shown in the strategic management framework, this involves exploring the strategic choices that are open to you and evaluating these to identify the most suitable one. The aim is to ensure your strategies are matched to the organisation’s external environment and internal capabilities – current and future. They must also be implementable, for until it is implemented a strategy is just an idea.

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Target Audience
  • Newly appointed team leaders or supervisors
  • Middle and senior managers wanting to develop a particular management skill

These materials are designed to develop and update skills of potential, newly appointed and experienced supervisors, team leaders and managers, offering a choice of flexible, work based materials to improve individual and organisational performance.

  • Use Porter’s generic competitive strategies to orient your strategy
  • Use Ansoff’s product/market growth matrix to identify strategic options
  • Link strategic options to your SWOT analysis
  • Carry out a gap analysis
  • Identify criteria to evaluate strategic options
  • Apply techniques for evaluating appropriate strategies and identify other techniques you could use
  • Explain how strategic options are selected in your organisation
  • Describe the implementation process
  • Plan how to align people behind your strategy
  • Explain how the culture and structure of the organisation needs to be matched to the strategies
  • Explain what is meant by managing strategic change
  • Explain why different approaches to implementing managing change may be needed
  • Describe how to apply the planned approach to change
  • Describe how to apply the emergent approach to change.

List of Contents

Generic competitive strategies
Product/market growth strategies
Linking strategic options to SWOT
Methods of development
Evaluation and Selection
Gap analysis
Criteria for evaluation
Selecting strategic options
Making a case
Implementing Strategy
The implementation process
Aligning people behind your strategy
Creating a culture for success
Working in the organisational structure
Managing Strategic Change
What is strategic change?
Pressures for strategic change
Forces for and against change
Responses to change.

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